First Speech

Important Concepts: Speeches & Recordings

Ovation defines Speeches—and their component Recordings—in a particular way. It is important that you familiarize yourself with these definitions before continuing. The following are brief descriptions, but you can learn more by visiting the Speeches & Recordings page.


A Speech can be thought of as how a user customizes their surroundings and tools to match a desired speaking scenario. It is essentially a file folder which contains all settings that define the speaking scenario. For example, a Speech could be named JFK Moon Speech and be defined as having:

  1. Imported text from JFK's "We choose to go to the Moon" speech at Rice in 1962

  2. Standing teleprompters

  3. A handheld microphone in your right hand

  4. A half-full, informally dressed audience

A different topic, such as The History of Virtual Reality, would require a different Speech with its own settings.


A Recording can be thought of as an individual instance of practice — it is what is delivered over and over with the goal of incremental improvement. For example:

  1. Recording #1 was delivered March 3rd, lasted 4 minutes, and contained 6 spoken filler words.

  2. Recording #2 was delivered March 4th, lasted 3 minutes, and contained 3 spoken filler words.

Recordings become embedded in the Speech that was loaded at the time it was delivered. Recordings—linked together by a common parent Speech—can then be reviewed together to assess improvement over time.

Enter Venue

Main Menu

When ready, select Enter Venue on the menu in front of you. Because a Speech is not currently loaded, you will be asked to load or create one. If you have your own text and presentation slides prepared, feel free to create your own Speech. If not, you can load the "We Choose to Go to the Moon" Speech that is automatically included with each new Ovation account and comes with text and slides for you to use. Both scenarios are covered below.

Scenario 1: Load Existing Speech

Select Load Speech from the menu. Select the "We Choose to Go to the Moon" Speech from the list, then select Load Speech.

Scenario 2: Create New Speech

Select Create Speech from the menu. You will then give your Speech a name, description, and category. The description and category are optional but recommended.

Venue Selection

When the Speech loads, the Venue Selection menu will appear. Feel free to select any venue you would like. After a brief loading period, you will arrive in the selected venue.

If the entered venue has more than one Speech Location (e.g. High Rise), you will need to teleport to the desired location (e.g. Boardroom). Once there, you can open the menu.

Speech Settings

When the menu opens, a dialog box will remind you to customize your Speech's Speech Settings. If you loaded the "We Choose to Go to the Moon" Speech, you can select Finished as those settings have already been selected for you. If you created a new Speech, you should at the very least import some Speech Items before selecting Finished.


You have now prepared your Speech and are ready to deliver your first Recording.