ChatGPT consumes tokens when generating the words spoken by Ovation's simulated audience members.

Ovation subscribers receive a fixed number of monthly tokens to use with Q&As, Conversations, Interviews, and other AI-powered features. If subscribers exceed their available monthly tokens, they must wait until the following calendar month to use these features again. Unused tokens do not roll over to the following month.


Individual subscribers begin each month with 500,000 tokens.


Organization subscriptions begin each month with 5,000,000 tokens, plus 1,000,000 tokens for each additional license beyond the initial 5 licenses.

Tokens are pooled at the subscription level and can be used by any active member of the organization.

How many tokens will I use?

An "average" number of tokens used during a Q&A, Conversation, Interview, etc., will differ significantly from one person to the next and from one session to the next. It can depend on the length of your speech before the Q&A, how long your interview responses are, how many questions you are asked, and much more. To get a sense of how many tokens you tend to use, keep an eye on your token usage numbers within the app and on our web portal as you use these features.

Can I purchase more tokens?


Currently, purchasing additional tokens to use each month is not possible. We plan to allow this in the future.


Organizations can receive more tokens by purchasing more licenses. Each additional license beyond the initial 5 comes with 1,000,000 monthly tokens.

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