Organization Subscription?

Questions about what an Organization subscription is and whether you should purchase one instead of an Individual subscription.

1. What is an Organization subscription?

An Organization subscription provides additional features for customers who purchase Ovation in order to make it available to others.

An example is a university that makes Ovation available to its professors and students. Or a corporation that makes it available to its employees. Or a professional public speaking coach who makes it available to her clients.

An Organization subscription provides:

  • An unlimited number of sub-accounts

  • 5 licenses, and the ability to purchase more

  • Tools to view usage and manage members of the organization

  • Significantly more tokens per month than is available to Individual subscribers

2. An example of the signup process for an Organization subscription.

Fictional University wants all 200 students who are taking a public speaking course to use Ovation throughout the semester. They own 10 Meta Quest 2 headsets that will be used with Ovation.

  1. The university purchases its subscription with 10 licenses.

  2. The university sends a bulk email invite to all 200 students to create Ovation accounts. These students follow the instructions in the email to create an account and activate it as a member of Fictional University's subscription.

  3. Students launch Ovation on their headsets and sign in with their newly active accounts.

3. Do you provide support for organization setup and training?

Organization subscriptions come with a one-time, one-hour setup and training session.

More training after the initial session can be purchased at an additional cost. For more details and pricing, please email us at

We highly recommend downloading our Organization Information Packet, which contains how-tos and tips for successful deployment.

4. What is meant by "Organization Members" and "unlimited member accounts"?

An Organization trial/subscription should be activated by the person who will be responsible for the subscription. Once the subscription is active, the Admin can then invite an unlimited number of Organization Members to join the Organization. The Admin and all Members are able to sign in to and use the Ovation application.

5. How do I invite Organization Members to my organization?

The Organization Admin, and Organization Members with the appropriate role, can go to the Organization/Members page of the web portal and email a unique activation code to prospective Organization Members. The email recipient will enter the unique activation code during account creation and activation.

6. How do I apply the Education/Non-profit discount?

Prospective Organization customers can check the “Organization is a school or NPO” checkbox when submitting an application for a free trial. We will then review the application and, if necessary, ask follow-up questions to determine eligibility for the discount. If eligible, a member of the Ovation staff will apply the discount before the trial is activated.

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