Artificial Intelligence

Ovation incorporates advanced artificial intelligence into a variety of software features.


Simulated audience members now utilize OpenAI's ChatGPT and ElevenLabs' Generative Voice AI to engage in intelligent dialogues. Users can start question-and-answer sessions after a speech, engage in a conversation, or practice an interview.


Ovation provides feedback to users about their performance. This feedback is made possible by providing ChatGPT with the speaker's words and analytics collected during practice sessions.

Think of this as your personalized AI speaking coach capable of advising you on everything from how well you supported the conclusions in your speech, to tips for overcoming bad habits, such as overuse of filler words, to suggestions for improving your responses to interview questions.


Ovation utilizes Speechmatics' AI-powered transcription API to convert user microphone audio into text. Transcription makes many of Ovation's best features possible, including voice analytics, recording transcripts, AI dialogues, and AI feedback.

User Experience

Ovation will increasingly improve the overall user experience by utilizing AI throughout the software.

For example, you can tell Ovation what kind of interview you want, and it will automatically complete the available interview settings: "I'm Sally Jones. I'm applying for Electrical Engineer at Builder Pros. I want 8 highly complex questions in a technical interview and the interviewer's attitude should be intimidating."

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