Speech Locations

In order to modify a Speech's Settings or begin delivering a Recording, a user must be within a Speech Location. Some venues in Ovation have multiple Speech Locations. If a user enters a venue with multiple Speech Locations, they will be limited in their actions until they have teleported to their location of choice.

High Rise

The High Rise is an example of a venue in Ovation with multiple Speech Locations. They include:

  1. Boardroom (10 audience members)

  2. Meeting Room (5 audience members)

  3. Office (2 audience members)

  4. Manager's Office (1 audience member)

  5. CEO's Office (2 audience members)

Speech Settings per Location

Each Speech Location has its own independent settings within a Speech. For example, in the High Rise - Boardroom a user could choose to show a whiteboard with an 80% full audience in formal clothing, while the High Rise - Meeting Room could have a laptop and a television with a 100% full audience in casual clothing.

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