Receive an AI-generated analysis of your speaking performance.


Factors are categories that the user is evaluated on. There are 5 displayed on a radar chart, with each Factor consisting of a label (e.g. Clarity), a rating (0-100), and the generated feedback text.

The Factors displayed on the chart can be customized. Ovation provides more than 20 to choose from (e.g. Empathy, Inclusivity, Fluency), or users can create their own.

Factors on the radar chart can be replaced anytime, enabling users to generate additional feedback for a recording.


Three separate quotes from the recording’s transcript are highlighted and evaluated by the AI. The generated evaluation could be something that the AI liked, or something it thinks the user can improve upon.


Based on a full evaluation of the recording’s transcript, three tips are provided to the user to incorporate into their next recording.

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