Custom Prompts

Create a Custom Prompt Collection

You will first need to determine whether you want to create a personal or organization prompt collection. Personal prompt collections are only available to the user who creates them, whereas organization prompt collections are available to everyone in the organization.

  1. Navigate to the personal or organization prompt collection page.

  2. Select 'Create a new collection'.

  3. Give your collection a title and select the language.

  4. Select 'Create'.

  5. Click on the collection row in the table or select 'Edit' under the Action column. You will be taken to a page that looks similar to the image below.

Add Prompts to a Collection

1. Select 'Create a new prompt or sequence'. A new dialogue box will appear.

2. Enter one or more categories. These will help you filter for this prompt in the Ovation software.

3. Select 'New Prompt'. A row will be added to the Prompts table below.

4. Enter the text of the prompt that will appear when displayed in the Ovation software.

5. Leave 'Use Answer Time' checked. When checked, a user will have the amount of time indicated in the Answer Time (seconds) column to answer the prompt before either the Speech ends or the next prompt in the sequence is displayed (see Prompt Sequences below). *Note that users can open the menu and end the Speech or move on to the next prompt before the answer time expires.

6. Select the save icon.

7. Select 'Create'.

Prompt Sequences

You may want to have multiple prompts during a Speech. These are called prompt sequences. An example use case would be for practicing an interview, where question 1 might be "What is your biggest strength," and question 2 might be "What is your biggest weakness" etc.

You can create a prompt sequence by adding multiple prompts to the table during creation.

When the second prompt is added, you will need to provide a title to describe the prompts within the sequence.

Sync prompts to Ovation

When you sign in to the Ovation application, all changes to prompts made on the web portal are automatically downloaded. However, if you made changes while already signed in to Ovation, you will need to Sync those changes.

You can Sync in the Manage menu.

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