The Computer can be a laptop, a desktop, or embedded in a lectern, depending on the Speech Location. Imported Speech Items (Text & Slides) can both be shown on the Computer.

At any given time the Computer can be in either Text or Slides mode. These modes can be toggled in the Computer Settings menu.

VR Mode

Text/Slides can be toggled by hovering the motion controller over the virtual keyboard and pressing in on the thumbstick/thumbpad.

If the user has Realistic Hands selected, when they bring a hand close to the screen their virtual index finger will extend outwards. They can then use the finger to touch the screen and scroll the text or change the slide, depending on the active mode.

A user can also hover their hand over the keyboard and move the motion controller's thumbstick/thumbpad to scroll text or change slides, depending on the active mode.

Monitor Mode

Text/Slides can be toggled and pages/slides can be changed by selecting buttons on the computer.

Speech Tool Staring (Eye Tracking Enabled)

If the Training - Speech Tool Staring feature is enabled, the Computer will flash red if the user has looked at it too long relative to the audience.

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