VR & Monitor Licenses

Ovation can be used with a virtual reality headset or a computer monitor. These are referred to as VR Mode and Monitor Mode. To use Ovation in these modes, a user must have the proper license type.

Monitor Mode has fewer features in comparison to VR Mode and is available at a lower price by purchasing a Monitor license.

A VR license allows a user to use Ovation in either VR or Monitor Mode. A Monitor license only allows a user to use Ovation in Monitor Mode.

Individual Subscribers

During trial activation, individual subscribers can choose between a VR license or a Monitor license. To change the license type after trial activation, please contact Ovation.

Individual subscribers are provided 1 license and are not able to purchase more.

Organization Subscribers

Organization subscribers start with 1 VR license and 5 Monitor licenses.

Organization licenses are based on a concurrent user licensing model. Each time an Organization Member (or Admin) launches the Ovation application they must sign in. While they are signed in and the application is running, the organization is actively using a license. When they sign out or the Ovation application is closed, that license becomes available again.

As an example, a university with 2 VR licenses and 5 Monitor licenses could have 7 students all using Ovation at the same time. If an 8th student attempted to launch Ovation and sign in, they would be prevented from doing so until a license became available. If that 8th student plans to use Ovation in VR Mode, they would need 1 of the 2 students currently using a VR license to sign out or stop using the application before they would then be able to use it themselves.

To clarify further, because a VR license allows a user to use Ovation in either VR or Monitor Mode, the university in this example could have 7 students all using Ovation in Monitor Mode.

Organizations can increase or decrease their VR and Monitor license count by contacting

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