Cloud Syncing

Ovation was designed to give users a seamless experience no matter where they are or what computer they are using. As long as the computer meets the recommended specifications and has Ovation installed, a user's settings, Speeches, and Recordings will be accessible to them. This is accomplished through Ovation's cloud syncing process.

How Syncing Works

Please note, the following assumes the Default Sync Method has been selected.

Cloud Saving

Whenever a user in Ovation (or on the Ovation website) makes a change to their user settings or creates/edits/deletes a Speech or Recording, that data is saved to their profile in the cloud. As a result, at all times a user's account is fully backed up and protected, regardless of what happens to the PC on which they are using Ovation.

Syncing Indicator

Certain menus have a syncing status indicator informing users of any ongoing syncing processes. It is important to avoid changing venues or closing the application while syncing is ongoing; however, the program will warn the user if they are about to do so.

Sign In Syncing

All users must sign in to their account (from within the application) when Ovation launches. Once the user's credentials have been confirmed, Ovation will automatically check to see if their PC already has the user's latest profile data on the local hard drive. If it does not, Ovation will sync the PC with their cloud profile by downloading the missing user data.

Refresh Sync With Cloud

Once signed in, users can initiate syncing at any time in the User Settings -> User menu. This is primarily useful for when a user uploads a new or edited Speech Item on the Ovation website while the Ovation application is currently running on their computer. Once the sync process is complete the Speech Item(s) in the application will automatically be updated.

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