Prompts are speech topics shown during a Recording. A user can choose to be shown either a random prompt or one from a specified category. They can also choose between a single prompt or a prompt sequence, which is multiple prompts connected together.

A prompt can be shown at the start of a Recording, or at any time after a Recording starts.

A prompt either has a set answer time or can be indefinite.

Ovation comes with its own collection of prompts available to all users. Custom prompt collections can be created by individual users and organizations.

Personal & Organization Custom Prompt Collections


All subscribers -- including Individuals, Organization Admins, and Organization Members -- can create their own personal prompt collections.

Personal prompt collections can be found on the prompts page of the Ovation web app.


Organization Admins and Members have additional access to organization prompt collections. These collections are available to everyone in the organization, but can only be edited by Organization Members with the appropriate role.

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