Start a Q&A session with Ovation's simulated audience after delivering your speech.

After delivering a speech, users can start a Q&A session with the audience, powered by OpenAI's ChatGPT and ElevenLabs' Generative Voice AI.

The audience's questions directly relate to the content of the speech along with various user-specified settings, which include:

  1. Audience Type - The professions or interests of the audience members asking questions.

    • Options include Investors, Students, Voters, Media, General Public, and many more.

  2. Question Difficulty- The complexity and/or difficulty of the audience's questions. For example, "High" may result in longer multi-part questions requiring substantial knowledge about the topic.

    • Options are Low, Medium, High, and Mix.

  3. Question Tone - The general attitude of the audience, influencing the tone of their questions.

    • Options are Supportive, Neutral, Skeptical, Confrontational, and Mix.

  4. Additional Context - Any additional information you want your audience to have when formulating questions. For example, if your Audience Type is Media, you could set this to "Before asking your question, state your name and the media company you work for."

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