Engage in a conversation about any topic with AI-powered participants.

Conversations are powered by OpenAI's ChatGPT and ElevenLabs' Generative Voice AI.

AI-powered participants can speak to you and even speak to one another. There are numerous settings to customize your conversation, including:

  1. Topic - The topic for discussion between you and the AI participants.

    • This can be any topic of your choosing, or you can select from hundreds of included topics.

  2. Participants - The professions, interests, or relationships of the participants in the conversation.

    • Options include Investors, Students, Voters, Media, General Public, and many more. Full list below.

  3. Type - The style and dynamic of the conversation, influencing how participants interact and respond to each other and you.

    • Options include Heated Debate, Small Talk, Storytelling Circle, and many more. Full list below.

  4. Additional Context - Any additional information you want participants to have when contributing to the conversation. For example, "Everyone should speak like pirates while telling the story."

Full List of Participant Types:

Academics, Activists, Business Professionals, Colleagues, Comedians, Community Leaders, Consultants, Critics, Customers, Engineers, Entrepreneurs, Family, Friends, General Public, High School Students, Investors, Job Candidates, Law Enforcement, Lawyers, Managers, Media, Medical Patients, Medical Professionals, Mentees, Mentors, Military Commanders, Military Personnel, New Hires, Parents, Policy Makers, Prospective Customers, Prospective Recruits, Scientists, Strangers, Subordinates, Teachers, University Students, Voters, Writers

Full List of Conversation Types:

Banter, Brainstorm, Casual Exchange, Consensus Seeking, Crisis Management, Deposition, Empathic, First Date, Friendly Debate, Heated Debate, Introduction, Negotiation, Oppose Topic, Performance Review, Philosophical, Sales Pitch, Small Talk, Socratic, Storytelling Circle, Support Topic, Technical, Yes And

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