Start a mock interview with one or more of Ovation's simulated audience members.

Interviews are powered by OpenAI's ChatGPT and ElevenLabs' Generative Voice AI.

Interview questions evolve based on your previous responses and various settings determined before the interview starts, including:

  1. Interview Type

    • Options include General, Behavioral, and Technical.

  2. Question Difficulty - The complexity and/or difficulty of the interview questions. For example, "High" may result in longer multi-part questions.

    • Options are Low, Medium, High, and Mix.

  3. Interviewer Attitude

    • Options are Friendly, Neutral, Intimidating, Harsh, Humorous, and Mix.

  4. Your Name [optional]

  5. Job Title - The position you're applying for (e.g., Software Developer, Chef)

  6. Company Name [optional] - The company you're applying to.

  7. Industry [optional]

  8. Number of Questions

  9. Additional Context - Any additional information you want the interviewer(s) to have when formulating questions. For example, "At some point during the interview, ask me about my Photoshop skills."

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