Cloud Sharing

Speeches and Recordings can be shared via the Ovation cloud either publicly or directly, or they can be manually exported and imported.

Public Sharing

All users on the Ovation platform will have access to the Speech or Recording, whether they are a member of the sharer's organization or not.

Direct Sharing

Ovation maintains a "friends list" for direct sharing. This list starts empty for Individual subscribers and is pre-populated with organization members for Organization subscribers. Friends can be added to the list if the other Ovation user's username or email is known.

Organization Sharing

Organization and Organization Member accounts can share with their entire organization, or with members of the organization who have certain roles.

Sharing Defaults

In the Settings menu, user's can choose to have all Speeches and Recordings they create automatically share in the following ways:

  1. No one

  2. Entire Org (if they are an org member)

  3. Org Admin (if they are an org member and not an admin)

  4. Non-Default Org Member (member with a role higher than Default)

  5. Public

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