All Recordings, whether created by the user or downloaded from others, are available for review in the review menu.

The review menu can be accessed from the main menu, and is automatically opened immediately after a user creates a new Recording.

The review menu is divided into two sections: Recordings Under Review (top) and Categories (bottom).

Top section - Recordings Under Review

The top section of the review menu holds a list of the current Recordings under review. The Recordings in this list influence what is shown in the Categories section below.

A user can add any number of Recordings for review simultaneously by selecting the Add button. When selected, a sortable list of all available Recordings will appear. A user can clear all Recordings under review by selecting Clear.

Each Recording under review has a button under the far left Options column. When selected, the user is presented with the following options:

  1. Load Recording for Playback - See VR Playback and Video Playback.

  2. Load Entire Speech - All Recordings in the Recording's parent Speech will be added for review, in ascending date order.

  3. Review Recording Alone - If Recordings other than the selected Recording are under review, they will be removed from review.

  4. Remove From Review - The selected Recording will be removed from review.

  5. Rename Recording

  6. Delete Recording

  7. View Sharing Details

The second column (#) in the Recording under review list contains the ordered number of the Recording and has a unique color. The number and color are used in the Analytics and Grades categories to help identify the Recordings in graphs and tables when reviewing multiple simultaneously.

The Recording under review section can be minimized in order to expand the available space in the Categories section below.

Bottom section - Categories

Along the left side of the bottom section are buttons which activate the five available review categories, consisting of VR Playback, Video Playback, Analytics, Grades, and Feedback. See their respective pages for additional information.

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