The Board can be a whiteboard or chalkboard and can be toggled to either by the user. If the user has imported a Speech Items (Board) image, it will appear on the Board.
A user can draw on the Board while holding a Marker or Chalk. A user can also erase anything on the board by using the Eraser or the index finger on their Realistic Hand (VR Mode). Markers, Chalk, and an Eraser can be found near a whiteboard/chalkboard in a Speech Location, and they can also be selected from the menu.
The imported Board image can be thought of as a pre-drawn image that appears on the Board. A user can then choose to draw over it.
From the Board Settings menu a user can erase the board or reset the image to the imported Speech Items (Board) image.
Save Current Board Drawing as Speech Item will replace any existing Board Speech Item with the current drawing.
Last modified 2yr ago