Engage in a conversation about any topic with AI-powered participants.

Conversations are powered by OpenAI's ChatGPT and ElevenLabs' Generative Voice AI.

AI-powered participants can speak to you and even speak to one another. There are numerous settings to customize your conversation, including:

  1. Topic - The topic for discussion between you and the AI participants.

    • This can be any topic of your choosing, or you can select from hundreds of included topics.

  2. Participants - The professions, interests, or relationships of the participants in the conversation.

    • Options include Investors, Students, Voters, Media, General Public, and many more.

  3. Type - The style and dynamic of the conversation, influencing how participants interact and respond to each other and you.

    • Options include Heated Debate, Small Talk, Storytelling Circle, and many more.

  4. Additional Context - Any additional information you want participants to have when contributing to the conversation. For example, "Everyone should speak like pirates while telling the story."

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