Speech Items

Many speeches in the real world are supported by notes, a script, presentation slides, etc. Ovation allows you to bring these "Speech Items" into the virtual world with you and use them on various virtual Speech Tools, such as a Tablet or Teleprompter.
We recommend importing Speech Items for every Speech you create, as most of Ovation's best features are only accessible when they have been imported.
Speech items can be imported within the application or on the Ovation website. We recommend using the website if possible.
Note: If you are looking for step-by-step instructions on how to import Speech Items into Ovation, please visit this page.
There are three main categories of Speech Items:
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Ovation can import many different text files of different formats, including pdf, doc, docx, and txt. Once imported, the text is used on a variety of Speech Tools covered in the Arrangement and Handhelds section.


Ovation can import Microsoft PowerPoint files (ppt and pptx) and individual images of format jpg or png. Once imported, the slides are used on a variety of Speech Tools covered in the Arrangement and Handhelds section.
*Important - Be aware that certain PowerPoint files, when imported into Ovation, can contain distortions in the slides. This is often the result of embedded animation, video, and custom fonts in the PowerPoint files. We recommend converting your PowerPoint files to individual jpg images first and then importing them into Ovation. Videos, animation, and audio embedded in PowerPoint files are not supported in Ovation.


Ovation can import jpg and png images for use on whiteboards and chalkboards. This feature essentially allows you to import pre-drawn images to your board to assist you when delivering your Recording. More information can be found on the Arrangement - Board page.
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