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1. How do I install Ovation?

Once your trial is active, you can install Ovation on your PC using the installer downloaded from our web portal.

2. How many PCs can I install Ovation on?

As many as you want. Instead of limiting installations, Ovation uses a concurrent user licensing model, which means that a user can only sign in to the Ovation application if their subscription has an available license that is not currently being used.

Individual subscriptions begin with one license and cannot add more. Only the purchaser of the Individual subscription is permitted to sign in and use Ovation.

Organization subscriptions begin with one license but can purchase additional licenses as needed. When an Organization Admin or Organization Member signs in to the Ovation application, they use one of the available licenses.

A use case for additional licenses is a school that has two VR stations where students use Ovation at the same time in both stations. Another is a company that has a VR station in two different offices, and they don't want one office using Ovation to block the other.

3. Can Ovation be installed on standalone or mobile VR headsets?

No. Ovation is a demanding application that requires a powerful VR-Ready PC. It will not run on the Oculus Go/Quest, Vive Focus, or similar hardware. Please visit our hardware documentation page for more details.

4. Do you provide support with installation?

Of course! If you have any issues installing or launching Ovation, please contact us at [email protected]

5. Does Ovation support languages other than English?

English is currently the only supported language. We plan to support additional languages in the future.

6. Do you provide support for organization setup and training?

We provide setup and training to Organization subscribers for an additional cost. For more details and pricing, please email us at [email protected] or call the phone number listed on the Organization page once signed in to the web portal.

7. What is meant by "Organization Members" and "unlimited member accounts"?

An Organization Admin trial/subscription should be activated by the person who will be responsible for the Organization. Once the Admin account is created and the subscription is active, the Admin can then invite an unlimited number of Organization Members to join the Organization. The Admin and all Members are able to sign in to and use the Ovation VR application.

8. How do I invite Organization Members to my organization?

The Organization Admin, and Organization Members with the appropriate role, can go to the Organization/Members page of the web portal and email a unique activation code to prospective Organization Members. The email recipient will enter the unique activation code during account creation and activation.

9. Is Ovation available for purchase elsewhere (Steam, Oculus, etc.)?

Ovation is only available for purchase from our website.

10. How do I apply the Education/Non-profit discount?

Prospective Organization customers can check the “Organization is a school or NPO” checkbox when submitting an application for a free trial. We will then review the application and, if necessary, ask follow-up questions to determine eligibility for the discount. If eligible, a member of the Ovation staff will apply the discount before the trial is activated.

11. When is my credit card charged?

Your credit card will be charged when your trial period ends. It will then be automatically charged at each monthly or annual renewal.

12. How and when can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time on the Billing page of the Ovation web portal. If your subscription is canceled before your trial ends, you will not be charged. Once your trial period has ended you can choose to either cancel your subscription at the next billing renewal date or cancel immediately. If canceled at the next billing renewal date, you can continue to use Ovation for the remaining time left in your subscription. If cancelled immediately, you will no longer be able to use Ovation and your account data and subscription will be deleted. Any remaining time left on your subscription will be forfeited. Unused time is not refunded.

13. Do you provide refunds?

Refunds are not available in most cases. Please use the trial period to ensure your satisfaction with Ovation.

14. I have a question not answered here, can you help?

You bet! Email us at [email protected] and we'll respond as quickly as we can.