First User Settings

Each Ovation account has its own personal user settings. These settings are applied automatically whenever a user signs in.


When a Speech or Recording is created, you can choose to automatically share them with everyone (public), your organization, your organization administrator, or no one. The default is no one.


A user's avatar can be customized in many ways, including clothing, skin shade, and accessories. There are thousands of possible combinations; however, only the hand type (controller or realistic), hand size, and skin shade are visible during regular play. The remainder of the avatar is only visible during VR Playback.

If you already feel comfortable using the motion controllers to interact with Ovation, you should select the realistic Hand Type. Realistic hands can have a large impact on the overall realism of Ovation when using various handheld presentation tools.


Ovation is a demanding program on a computer's CPU and GPU. If you are finding it difficult to run the program without jittering or screen tearing in the headset, try selecting the low preset. Turning off Mirror Ovation to PC Monitor can also improve performance.


Ovation prefers to use the microphone embedded in your VR headset to record your voice while delivering a Recording. It is important that you select the appropriate Audio Input Device (the headset's microphone) to ensure your voice is recorded properly.

You can now select "Finished" to continue to the main menu.