First Share

Now that you have created your first Recording, you should share it with others! This can give others an opportunity to learn from you and provide you with feedback.

Share Recording

To share your Recording, in the Recordings Under Review section of the Review menu select the button with an image of a gear on it under the Options column. Now select the View Sharing Details button in the pop-up menu.

You will be taken to the Sharing menu, specifically the Share With Others - Recording section. You can also reach this menu by selecting Share from the Main Menu.


The details panel is initially selected, showing all of the information about your Recording, including its name, length, and date.

Public Sharing (Requires Default Sync Method)

You can designate whether you want to share your Recording publicly. If you choose to make the Recording public, anyone with an Ovation account—whether a member of your organization or not—will be able to download and review it.

Direct Sharing (Requires Default Sync Method)

Here you can share your Recording with specific Ovation users. If you are a member of an organization, the list of available users will be pre-populated with the other members of your organization. If you are not a member of an organization, you will need to add a user to the list by specifying their email or username.

Organization Sharing (Requires Default Sync Method)

Here you can share your Recording with your entire organization, or with members of your organization who have specific roles (e.g. Admin, or anyone who doesn’t have the “default” role).

Export (Any Sync Method)

You can export a file of your Recording to your PC then send it using traditional transfer methods (USB stick, Dropbox, etc.). Another user can then import and review it.


Users you share your Recording with will be able to comment on it.