First Launch

If you have not already done so, please be sure to setup your play area and adjust your headset properly. If you have any issues launching Ovation, please read our FAQ.


Launch Ovation by double-clicking the Ovation icon. You will either find a shortcut on your desktop (if you chose to create one), or you can open Windows File Explorer and navigate to C:\ProgramFiles (x86)\Ovation (if you chose to install to the default location).

Title Area

Ovation always launches to the Title Area. This is a white room that displays the Ovation text and logo. While this area is still visible, you should move to the center of your play area and face your desired starting direction. Once ready, pull the trigger on one of your motion controllers.

Look Around

You will now find yourself in Ovation's Backstage. Feel free to look around. In front of you is a lectern, some presentation tools, a menu, and a curtain. If you look down at your hands you will see virtual replicas of the motion controllers you are holding in your real-world hands. On one of the motion controllers are small text tips describing what the controller's buttons do.