Show Help On Controller

If selected, one of the user's motion controllers will display text describing what each button on the controller does. This feature does not work if the user selects Realistic Hands in the Avatar menu.

Teleport Disabled

Users can disable the ability to teleport around a venue. This is primary useful to avoid accidental teleportation during demos while users are still figuring out how to handle the motion controllers.

Right Is Dominant Hand

Ovation uses this setting to determine what handheld objects to place in which of the user's hands when selecting presets from the Speech Settings menu.

Invert Thumb Scrolling

A user can invert the direction the menu pushes/pulls and scroll boxes scroll when their thumb moves the thumbstick/pad

Disable Thumb Scrolling & Teleport Direction

In some cases, a motion controller can become mis-calibrated, causing unexpected pushing/pulling of the menu and scrolling of scroll boxes. The teleport direction feature can also become erratic. To avoid this, the thumbstick/pad scrolling and teleport direction features can be disabled.

Vibration Feedback

A user can turn vibration feedback on their motion controllers on or off and adjust its intensity.

Can Drop Handhelds

The grip buttons on the motion controllers are used to pick up and drop handheld objects, and they can often be pushed accidentally. A user can choose to allow handhelds to be dropped 1) at any time, 2) while not recording, or 3) never. No matter the selection, handhelds can always be changed in the Speech Settings - Handhelds menu.

Auto Sharing New Speeches & Recordings

These options allow the user to automatically set the sharing status of Speeches and Recordings when they are created. The 4 statuses include: No One, Entire Organization, Organization Admin, and Public.

These settings are especially useful for organizations who want new media to be shared with all organization members or administrators at all times.

Eye Tracking

Users wearing a headset with built-in eye tracking can choose to enable/disable it. They can also use the menu to asses their current calibration and launch their headset's eye calibration tool if desired.

Seated Mode

This setting is for users who want to use Ovation while seated. When selected it will approximate the user's standing height and allows for fine-tuning from there.

Show All Helpful Menu Tips Again

When a user encounters certain menus for the first time, a tip will appear with an explanation of how that menu works. Selecting this will force those tips to show again when the user revisits those menus.