Main Menu

Menus in Ovation are floating 3D planes with text and common interaction methods, including buttons, check-boxes, drop-downs, etc.

Menus can be interacted with by pointing either motion controller at the menu and selecting the available item with the trigger under your index finger. To make selection easier, a laser will appear whenever you are pointing at the menu, and the item currently being hovered will brighten and/or scale up in size.

Menus can be moved and resized, much like menus on the Apple and Windows operating systems. Moving a menu can be helpful if it is blocked by an object in the venue, and scaling it can help make text more legible.

  1. To move a menu, point either motion controller at the red bar at the top of the menu, pull and hold the trigger under your index finger, and move your hand around.

  2. To resize a menu, point both motion controllers at the red bar at the top of the menu, pull and hold both triggers under your index fingers, and move your hands away and towards each other.

*Note: Only a menu opened in a venue can be moved; the Backstage menu is frozen in place above the lectern.

Scroll boxes can be scrolled up and down by pointing at the scroll box and pushing up or down on the motion controller's thumbstick/thumbpad.

When opened for the first time, various menus in Ovation display helpful dialog windows describing how to best use and navigate that particular menu. Be sure to read them thoroughly.

Example Help Menu - Review