Import Speech Items

Various file types, such as Word, PowerPoint, and PDF, can be imported into Ovation from your PC. The text, slides, and images from these imported files can then be used on various tools, including the Projector and Notecard.

Files can be imported into Ovation using our web portal (assuming the Default Sync Method is selected) or from within the VR application.

Importing Speech Items on the Web Portal

  • Sign in to the Ovation Web Portal

  • Select Media on the left side of the page

  • Select the Speech you wish to import speech items to, or create a new one.

Select the Speech
  • Select the Speech Items tab. You can import Slides, Text, or a Board image.

Select the folder icon and choose file type. Then select Choose File.
  • In this example, the user is importing slides. They can choose to import a Powerpoint file (.ppt, .pptx), or multiple image files (.jpg, .png).

  • Select 'Choose File' and select the file on your PC.

Once the file is chosen, select the upload icon to import
  • The file will be converted and imported to the Speech after selecting the upload icon. When it is done converting, you can launch Ovation and will find the images available in the Speech Items section of the Speech Settings menu.

  • Depending on the Speech Item you imported, you will now see them appear on various Arrangements and Handhelds in the VR app.

Importing Speech Items within the VR app

  • Load or create a Speech from the Manage menu

  • Once loaded you will either be taken automatically to the Setup menu, or you can select it from the Main menu

Select Manage to load or create a Speech, then select Setup
  • In the Settings - Speech Items menu, you can select Load for Slides, Text or Board.

Select Load
  • A file explorer similar to Windows File Explorer will open. Navigate your PC files and select the file you wish to import, then select Add. For Powerpoint files you can only add 1 file. If importing images, you can add multiple.

Select the file to import, select Add, then select Load Slide(s)
  • Once you've selected the file(s) you wish to add, select Load Slide(s). The images will be converted and imported into the Speech.

  • Depending on the Speech Item you imported, you will now see them appear on various Arrangements and Handhelds.