Add/Remove Members

Add Member

An organization member can be invited by an organization admin on the admin's Members page. There are two ways to invite a member.

  1. The admin first enters the email address of the member they wish to add then selects Send Invitation. A new row will be added to the table of existing members with an Invitation Code that the prospective member will receive in their email inbox and use during account activation.

  2. An organization admin can leave the 'Enter an Email' field blank and select Send Invitation. This will create an empty row with an active Invitation Code which the admin can then send directly to the prospective organization member.

Be sure to have prospective members check their spam folder if they do not see the invitation email in their inbox.

Remove Member

An organization admin can remove a member by right-clicking on the row of the member they want to remove in the table of existing members and selecting Remove Member. The removed member's account will be deactivated.